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Switchable Glass

Switchable LCD Privacy Glass

When discretion is vital, Switchable glass gives you the control over privacy or the public gaze. With its impressive technical qualities and design led features such as iPad enabled remote controls or integration with business management systems, Switchable is the glass of choice for architects, partitioners and interior specialist.

Available in custom shapes and sizes, and can be combined with security or fire resistant glass products for a totally secure glass solution.

What Is Switchable Glass?

Our switchable glass is an intelligent glass which under the effect of an electric current switches from opaque to an optically clear state. It is one of the leading smart types of switchable privacy glass on the market today.
Our switchable electric privacy glass allows a cost effective design solution with engineering flexibility so therefore can be used in a variety of settings from commercial and office interiors, retail and showrooms to health clubs and hotels, and for use in signage. 
It can be used for back projection and can also be used in conservatories and in roof lights.